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Media Strategy

Social Media

FleurComGroup delivers

a content-driven brand

of media relations and social media.  We tell a relevant story, wrap your message within that

 and disburse new information to multiple layers of media surrounding today’s marketplace.  To arrive at that sweet spot, it requires an analysis of the facts; we realize the story opportunity, consider the goal, develop the strategy, and proactively get your message out there.

Everyone has access to social media. Not everyone realizes the opportunity to market and synchronize for impact.  Whether it’s an Instagram or Facebook post, Tweet or blog entry, digital marketing is today’s power-forward mode of connecting

with the world.  Content is king; and coupled with the FCG method of Media Strategy, a credibility factor is forged, like iron, enhancing your brand and its relevance.

Brand & Identity

You are because you are. Except that’s not enough in business. It’s competitive. Your brand is color, philosophy, value – visceral. Vibrancy of message is critical; what consumers ‘feel’ about your brand is key. We consider all this through multiple media platforms. Bonus: through FCG sister company, R Entertainment, we connect client brands to speciaal events, concert entertainment and more, always as opportunities arise. It can be a winning differentiator.


We take pride in our interdisciplinary approach,

crafting relevant, functional, real storylines and content,

that delight and deliver results.

R Entertainment

Major Events & Concerts

Media Relations

Influencer Engagement


Our work


The Sweet Spot: your message or brand wrapped

in a compelling, newsworthy, social media-ready package.

That is our expertise.

At FleurComGroup, our clients are superstars

in a variety of industries, and they inspire us every day.

We’re diligent about enhancing their positioning

in a competitive marketplace. We analyze their myriad details, and craft clear, concise, relevant messages:

compelling, informative, visually-pleasing content.

We do this for clients in the worlds of entertainment,

special events, food, consumer products,

the arts, fashion, education, even finance.

It’s all about focus.

We hone and refine 

until we have a message that resonates

— and allows you to fleurish.


USA TODAY NETWORK Wine & Food Experience featuring Martha Stewart


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Suite C100

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Tel: 480.538.8292

We’re here for you... 

And wearing our

thinking caps.

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